New Project Veritas Shows Dems Selling Influence – Panicing When Caught

James O’Keefe and the team at Project Veritas Action released a new video.  A lot of it is more of the same.  Corrupt Democrats selling influence and bragging about various misdeeds and connections.  However, it also shows these greedy pigs getting annoyed with the PVA team and pushing for money.  It is that money that is the biggest new detail.

In the video, the PVA team moves $20,000 through a bank in Belize.  This sort of foreign donation is illegal.  The Democrats were more than happy to take the money and reward the PVA team with an internship for a girl posing as the donors niece as well as a lot more access and help.  You can hear the glee in their corrupt voices when they talk to the PVA investigators once they have some cash in hand.  The donation was made on September 9.

Once the video project became public, the Democrats turned chicken and returned the money on October 20.  They held on to the money for well over a month.  They claimed they were “concerned” it was legal to accept the donation.  The obvious reality is that they did know it was illegal, and realized they were busted.  This is one egg that cannot be uncracked.  Democrats knowing broke the law taking the money.  It is no big deal since they were already selling their ability to commit voter fraud and launch violent attacks against Americans at Trump rallies.

This is the type of corrupt politics that we have to end.  The only way to do that is by electing Donald Trump.

Here is the full video.





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