Hillary’s Health Problems – Not Gone, Not Forgotten

While the media has been successful in finally quieting down talk about Hillary Rotten Clinton and her persistent health problems, that does not mean the problems have really gone away.  Just in the past few days several things have come out that the press has diligently tried to keep hidden.

On Tuesday Matt Drudge posted these two pictures of Hillary with some sort of strange bump from a rally in New Hampshire the day before.  The bump moves with her face and is seen in different light angles, so it cannot be a reflection.  Also, notice what looks like heavy makeup around it.  It is especially glaring when she smiles that it looks darker and heavily covered up.  The long shape of the bump can be seen to look like falling down and striking her face on the edge of something.  We all remember Hillary dropping like a sack of corrupt potatoes at the New York 9-11 ceremony.  While they tried to blame pneumonia, there have been many signs of possible brain issues.

One big sign of brain issues can be eye problems.  According to American Thinker her eye problems have returned at a rally in Cleveland.  These eye problems have come up several times in the past and can be indicative of neurological problems.  Having crossed eyes is refereed to as strabismus . Normally you have it starting in childhood BUT you can develop in later in life.  Later in life causes include stroke or head injury.  Some older WikLeaks emails showed concern with Hillary and head injuries and her possible use of neurological drugs.


Finally, a survey conducted by Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) found many doctors feel her eye issues are a reason for concern.  While the eye problems are short and inconsistent in their occurrence, about two-thirds of the doctors asked said they saw abnormal movements while only 15% did not and only 21% said they were not sure.  Of those who did see the problem, 60% said it may be indicative of neurological problems, and NONE were willing to say it was not a sign of a problem.

Once again…. what the hell is wrong with Hillary?




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