Hillary May Get Some BAD Birthday Presents Today – October Surprise!

Today’s buzz is two potentially campaign ending data dumps for Crooked Hillary Clinton.  Both of these will be classic October Surprise moments.  Plus, today is Hillary Rotten Clinton’s birthday so it seems only fitting that she get a few special gifts!  From the sound of it the gifts from Jame O’Keefe and Kim Dotcom will be giant turd sandwiches.

First is our great friend at Project Veritas Action, James O’Keefe.  he has been teasing something else big to come since this video Monday.  Now he is teasing that it will have to do with illegal money that will directly tie to Hillary and her Democrat flunkies.


Part two is from Kim Dotcom.  For those of you who don’t know Mr. Dotcom, he started the massively successful file sharing site Megaupload.  The US government shut down the site and seized virtually everything from him.  Their draconian overkill attacking him definitely gives an ax to grind.  Dotcom has been teasing that the deleted Hillary emails may be out there since July, and that they will make a great birthday gift for the lady who has everything.  He started teasing heard last night.  It sounds like it will come in the form of a massive WikiLeaks dump.

Plus there is still room for another WikiLeaks dump of Podesta emails.  Every day these come, more nasty revelations come with them.

The clock is ticking.  Lets hope today is the day that Hillary’s campaign collapses like… well like Hillary at the 9-11 ceremony.





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