New Video Showing ILLEGAL Connections of Hillary, DNC and PACs

Fresh off the presses at Project Veritas Action is a new video showing more illegal collusion between Hillary, the DNC and what are supposed to be independent non-profits.  This first came up in last Monday’s video.  They also discussed ties to the DNC and Hillary team, and discussed trying to create violent situations at Trump rallies.  They bragged about the Chicago riot and protests in Asheville, NC as being their work.

In this video they take credit for their work on the stupid Donald Duck costume that Democrats send out demanding Trump release tax information.  To be honest, this is the lamest thing I have ever seen.  It shows what a bunch of lame idiots they are that they consider this a brilliant master stroke.  For this stupid gag they are breaking election laws.  What a bunch of morons.

However, as they brag on and on about this stupid idea, they greatly implicate themselves in having improper and illegal ties with the DNC and Clinton campaign.  The whole video is below, but lets first check out a few highlights.

The first admission that Crooked Hillary is involved begins at 4:20 when Robert Creamer brags about this being done at Hillary’s direction.


Then at 5:15 old Bob creams himself bragging a second time in front of Brad Woodhouse of Americans United for Change (AUC) and others about speaking directly to a member of the Hillary campaign, Christina Reynolds.  Big Brad fired Scott Fogel from last weeks video.  It looks like his time is up now too.


Finally, at 10:40 and 10:55 old Bob-O talks about DNC head Donna Brazile having been involved at the start then moving the stupid Donald Duck from the DNC to AUC.


Of course, Big Bad Bob does not get ALL the credit.  DNC Assistant Press Secretary Jenna Price also discusses illegally working with other groups starting at 12:00.  If Creamer and Fogel are any example, we should probably be calling her FORMER Press Secretary by now.



While the Bob-ster has now quit Democracy Partners in disgrace, lets not forget his 342 visits to the White House and 47 meetings with President Obama.  This corruption goes through every pore of the Democratic Party.


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