NEW Truth Bomb on Hillary Supported Violence Against Republicans Coming Today

Last Monday James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas Action released EXPLOSIVE videos about the corrupt Hillary Campaign and the Democrat Party.  If you watch only the dishonest main stream media you will only know tiny parts of what was discussed, if anything at all.  The videos included details on illegal communication between the campaign and Super PAC groups, discussions on rigging the election with fraudulent voting, and that the Democrats were training people to send to Trump rallies to protest and create violent confrontations.

Knowing Democrats, voter fraud and other illegal activity with Super PACS and supporters seems pretty business as usual.  That the Democrats are now willing to endanger Americans by creating violent confrontations is new and shocking.  It is also very barely covered by the media.

Saturday, O’Keefe posted to Twitter that new video is coming out that will PERSONALLY implicate Crooked Hillary Clinton.

He confirmed yesterday that it will happen at noon today.

For those of you that need a refresher, here is the video forwarded to where the conversation about disrupting rallies with violence starts, along with some screen captures and the results of their disruptions and attacks.

First the video:


Here they discuss the riots that Democrats started to disrupt the Trump rally in Chicago.  This resulted in two police officers injured along with other acts of violence and destruction.


Here they brag about violence at a rally in Ashehville, NC.  They talk about one of their plants who created a violent altercation that ended with a 73 year old man being charged for assault.  After the video surface last week, the Democrat began walking back her claims, which does little to help the man innocently attacked and charged with a crime he did not commit.


Finally, here is the Arizona protest where they shut down an entire highway.


Stay tuned for the newest video truth bomb later today.  Hopefully this will be the nail in the coffin that the media cannot ignore and will finally show the world how dangerous and corrupt Hillary is.







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