UPDATE On Hillary Plant That Accused 73 Year Old Man Of Assault

Monday Project Veritas Action released an EXPLOSIVE video of Democrat Operatives hired by the DNC and Hillary Campaign bragging about a variety of illegal and unethical actives.  Among the explosive items these scum bags admitted to was sending people to Trump rallies with the goal of stirring up violence.   One of the protests they bragged about was in Asheville, NC.  I pointed out a few days ago that this was the case where a 69 year old woman claimed to have been  punched in the face by a 73 year old Trump supporter.   These accusations have led to the man being charged by police with assault.  The woman’s claims had already been challenged, and adding the fact that she was sent by Democrats to stir up a fight makes it even more obvious that these claims are likely entirely false.


Now the accuser, Shirley Teter, has begun to walk back her claims.  Originally she stated that  “He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me.” She then pleaded to the compliant media asking if people find a Trump supporter punching an old woman in the face deplorable.  I am sure she was just doing as she was trained to do.  Now Teter has changed her story claiming on Wednesday that “it’s possible that he could have struck her with his backhand.” Video of the incident showed the man, Richard Campbell, being led through the crowd of Trump protesters by his wife because of his cataracts.   In the video that merged after the incident Teter can be seen following Campbell and appears to reach for his shoulder. His attorney told Breitbart News that he turned around after being touched, and Teter fell down.  I expect this to further unravel in the days to come.

This again shows the dangerous and irresponsible “game” that Democrats are playing.  By sending in people with instructions to incite violence, they risk situations spiraling out of control.  They risk people being injured.  In the this case, Campbell is the real victim.  He has had assault charges brought against him.  He has had to get an attorney to defend himself from these charges.  A mans life, safety, and personal freedom have been put in jeopardy by the Democrats and the Clinton campaign just to get a news story to further their desperate and corrupt pursuit of power.

If Hillary is willing to sacrifice innocent Americans in this way in her corrupt pursuit of power, imagine how she will be if she gets elected.

My original story can be found at https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/10/18/dishonest-democrat-plant-accused-73-year-old-man-of-assault-at-trump-rally/





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