New Brown Shirts – Democrats Create Violence And Anarchy Against Trump

I hate to break Godwin’s Law.  I really do.  However, the increasing violence and hatred being spewed by Democrats at their opposition increasingly makes it impossible not to.  This whole election season the Democrats have had their collective panties in a bunch calling Trump and his supporters names like Hitler and Brown Shirts.  The problem is, they are the ones using those tactics.  Democrats have used violence at Trump rallies.  At first they denied any involvement, but the recent video from Project Veritas shows them bragging about sending people to rallies to pick fights and instigate problems.

In the video they brag about 3 specific Trump rallies (and one against Gov. Scott Walker).  However, they also talk about training programs around the country in places like New York, DC, Vegas, Colorado, Minneapolis (they brag about this starting at about 8:58 in the video) .  It is safe to say that much, if not most, violence at Trump rallies can be traced back to these scum bags.  Even if not directly related, they have created a culture that encourages this violence on a wide spread basis.

The first, and one of the largest, they admitted to openly was Chicago.


More recently there was Asheville, NC.  This made the news when a 73 year old man was accused of assaulting a 69 year old lady.  Video later showed HER grabbing HIM.  It turns out she was one of the Democrat plants.


They also bragged about Arizona where there was not violence, but they shut down a highway.  I’m gonna be honest, anybody who lives within 200 miles of that highway should be so pissed they never vote Democrat again.


Now that culture of violence and hate continues.  In since this weekend there was a firebombing in North Carolina and bricks thrown through windows in

The window breaking REALLY Reminded me of a picture from Nazis.


There are so many more cases of violence against Trump supporters that it is almsot too long to list.  There are TOO many pictures to show.

The Democrats REALLY do look more and more like the Nazi movement.

Aside from the fact that Nazi Brown Shirts are cleaner and better dressed than the average Democrat protester, I cannot see that big of a difference.



















2 thoughts on “New Brown Shirts – Democrats Create Violence And Anarchy Against Trump

  1. Sorry how can anyone find a comparison between Trump and Hitler? Trump isn’t going to produce a elite military service out of the American public assistant programs! The public schools and housing and food stamps and medically assisted in of America just are not the product of the teutonic knights order eugenics through arranged marriages! America doesn’t have the DNA to become the German Reich! Talk about flattering yourself!


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