MORE LYING CNN – Covering Up For Hillary Getting Off Child Rapist and Laughing About It

At first the nickname Clinton News Network seemed funny.  Now it is sad.  There is nothing these pathetic losers will not do to lick the boots of Hillary Rotten Clinton. The pathetic groveling liars for this story are Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.  Both of these stories regard Hillary defending a 41 year old man who brutally raped then 12 year old Kathy Shelton.  She was so brutally raped she was in a coma for 5 days and was left unable to bear children.  Hillary got her rapist off by attacking Shelton as a liar who fantasized about, and came on to, older men.  She had evidence of the blood and semen in Shelton’s underwear thrown out.  Years later in a recorded interview Hillary laughed about this case.

Let’s start with pathetic Don Lemon.  Lemon pulled the standard idiot liberal argument of “Politifact says that is wrong.”  Apparently this abject moron does not understand that a JOURNALIST is supposed to be able to research the actual event, not just regurgitate claims of others as facts.  The reality is, Politifact rates it as false because they say the claim is that she laughed at the victim.  Their defense is that she did not laugh “at” Kathy Shelton, but was laughing about the situation.  That situation of course was getting off a guilty child rapist who beat the girl so badly she was in a coma for 5 days and left unable to bear children.

The quotes and where she laughed are found below.


Following is the complete audio of the interview where Clinton Laughs.  As shown in the images above, the areas were she laughs can be found at around 1:36 and 4:46 so taht you can also listen yourself.

From a little farther back is Anderson Cooper being a good bitch for Hillary and carrying water.  He tries to imply that there is nothing corroborated about the child rape case.  He then defended his idiocy by saying that CNN certainly had not.  Except that CNN had already run many stories about it before.  Apparently, they had just run them BEFORE they gave up any attempt at being credible journalists and starting being the campaign arm of Hillary for America.


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