CNN Idiot Tries To Discredit Trump Saying We Have Term Limits

Yesterday Trump rolled out his plan to “Drain the swamp.”  He laid out a plan to stop the revolving door of Congressmen, Senators, and White House Staff going into lobbying.  He also proposed term limits for the House and Senate.

According to The Hill, 75% of Americans favor term limits for Congress.

Over at the Clinton News Network they jumped into their normal stance to discredit anything not said by their Empress, Hillary Rotten Clinton.  So desperate was CNN idiot Brooke Baldwin to say something against Trump that she stated “Correct me, there already are term limits, so what does he mean?”  Note the condescension dripping in her voice and on her blank inbred face as this empty headed moron thinks she is making Trump sound stupid.  Then of course, he colleague has to gently point out that in fact there are no Congressional term limits.

What a stooge.





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