Dishonest Democrat Plant Accused 73 Year Old Man Of Assault At Trump Rally

On September 13 of this year, 69 year old Shirley Teter CLAIMED to have been punched in the face by an attendee at a Trump Rally in Asheville, NC.  The Clinton fellating media jumped all over this “horrible” assault on a poor innocent and sick old lady.  Facts began to emerge afterwards that began to show that she was lying like her favorite corrupt politician.  Now with new facts emerging from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Action, it is apparent that she was not even a legitimate attendee.  Instead, she was trained by Hillary approved Campaign Operatives to go and incite violence.  Instead of inciting violence, she faked it and is now attempting to ruin a man for political points.

The first holes in the story appeared when it came out that the man Teter was accusing of assaulting her was 73 year old Richard Campbell who suffers from cataracts. He was being led from the rally by his wife as he was unable to see and having difficulty navigating that aggressive crowd send by Democrats to incite violence.   Not exactly a man out looking for a fight, unlike Teter.  Video shows elderly Campbell stumbling at about 0:35 as he is unable to see the curb.  The same video shows Teter following him, then reaching out to grab his shoulder at about 0:55.  According to Campbell’s Lawyer “Mr. Campbell reflexively moved his arm to release himself from Ms. Teter’s grip. Ms. Teter then fell backwards onto the ground.”  Not a punch.  Not an attack.  If anything, Teter assaulted Campbell by grabbing him from behind.  Of course the Clinton media has chosen to ignore these facts.  You can find more detail however at Breitbart.

Now the REAL bombshell came with yesterdays expose from Project Veritas Action. In the damning video recorded by James O’Keefe, Democrat operatives discuss a variety of corrupt practices.  They admit to be paid for by the DNC and Hillary Campaign, and that they check in with both organizations virtually daily.  They also brag about bringing in people that they train to incite violence at Trump rallies.   One of the instances that these vile degenerates brag about causing is, you guessed it, disgusting pile of crap Teter.  According to human bag of filth Scott Foval “She was one of our activists who had been trained up to bird dog.”  “Bird dog” is the cute term this proud Hillary Brown Shirt uses to describe people they train and send to disrupt Trump rallies.  This same douche bag also says “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfuck.”

Of course, at no point did Teter admit that she was sent to the rally to start trouble.  She just chose to accuse an elderly man of assault to accomplish her objective of generating negative press at a Trump rally.  She has hidden that she was trained to go and cause trouble.  Instead of being honest, she has chosen to play the victim card and have a man brought up on charges for assault.  She does not care what his legal defense costs him.  She does not care if he gets a criminal conviction.


Campbell has had to turn himself in to police and had charges filed against him.  He has had to get an attorney to protect himself.  All this because Hillary and her political machine are willing to go to any lengths to win.  They are willing to risk people being injured, or worse.  They sure do not care if legal fees or even a conviction ruin an elderly man whose only crime is not agreeing with their corrupt leftist ideology.

These people are ANIMALS.  Anybody who votes for Hillary is voting for these politics that are based on being willing to destroy the lives of everyday Americans.  We have to let EVERY person considering voting for Hillary Rotten Clinton know this.  Make them uncomfortable.  Make them realize that by supporting her they are supporting a woman who is all to happy to insult and ruin Americans as long as she gets what she wants.









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