#FreeJullian – “State Party” Attempts to Silence WikiLeaks

Last night WikiLeaks posted a series of codes that sent the internet into an uproar.  

A few hours later, the internet connection to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London was cut off by a state party (ie government).

Tension has been mounting as the Clinton campaign and Obama administration carelessly escalate their anti-Russia propaganda in an attempt to silence WikiLeaks.  Vice President Biden even recklessly implied a US cyber attack is in the works.

Let’s not forget that as Secretary of State Hillary proposed using a drone strike to murder Assange.

What is so damning in the upcoming releases that has the U.S. willing to violate a foreign embassy’s sovereignty?  It also shows their technological ignorance as WikiLeaks already has contingency plans in place.  This is more than just one man.

I also wonder….. if they keep Assange cut off too long could it trigger his rumored “dead man’s switch” and cause ALL the documents to dump?


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