Has Obama Begun An Internet And Freedom Of Speech Crackdown To Protect Hillary?


What an amazing past few hours.

A concerted effort has begun to suppress speech and the internet to protect the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  While the Lapdog Media and Democrats claim there is nothing to see in the WikiLeaks and other reports, apparently something has them scared.

First, Vice President Biden made an open threat to Russia on yesterdays Meet The Press that we would engage in a cyber counter attack.  “We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it.  He’ll know it.  It will be at the time of our choosing — and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.”

Then last night WikiLeaks mysteriously released a series of tweets with encryption codes.  One was address to Secretary of State Kerry, one to Ecuador and one to UK Foreign Office.   This set of an internet panic with rumors that Assange had been assassinated or arrests. Next, early this morning the internet connection to the Ecuadorian Embassy that Assange lives in was cut off.


Then came a Tweet from Roger Stone that John Kerry is threatening the Ecuadorian government that they must silence Assange.


Now comes news that the UK has frozen the bank accounts for RT.  RT is an English news site operated by the Russian Government.

What is next?  What is the US Government so desperate to cover up that they will threaten multiple nations?  Are they so corrupt and desperate for power that risking war is an acceptable option?






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