Hillary Is FINISHED If Even 1 Of These New Rumors Prove To Be Real

We have learned this week that the only thing more disgusting and deceitful than Hillary Rotten Clinton is the media.  They are ignoring scandal after scandal in WikiLeaks.  They have proven that they don’t care about reporting facts and the truth that can greatly impact our country.  They just want to get their chosen lying corrupt hack elected.  For anything to change this, any new story will have to be so shocking it cannot be ignored.  There are new rumors today of three such stories.

The first new rumor is from 4Chan.  It says that there is a video of Hillary berating a staff member.  Not a surprise since she is well known for being a cruel, vicious, asshole to people around her.  What makes it juicy is that it was a black staffer, and Hillary calls her the dreaded “n” word.

Rumor two is more emails.  Not any emails.  The 33,000 emails Crooked Hillary deleted to cover up.  Now that we have seen through leaks how intentional this was, and carefully coordinated, it is safe to assume there is nasty stuff there.  It also kills Hillary’s claim that her amateur home server was never hacked.

Finally, there is Anonymous. A video out today claims there is video of Bill Clinton raping a 13 year old girl on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island.” There is already proof of Bill traveling with Epstein, and leaving behind Secret Service to do so. This alleged video was taken to blackmail and control the Clinton’s.

Fingers crossed these rumors prove to be true and come out soon.  One will be OK.  Two will send Hillary into a coughing and fainting spell.  All three will guarantee we Make America Great Again.


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