Hillary’s Hot Mic Joking About Man Who Was Sodomized With Knife And Beaten To Death

The media is clutching their pearls in faux horror over an audio of Trump joking about trying to seduce a woman, kissing women, and horror or horrors that as a celebrity women let men get away with a lot of that behavior.  All that from a recording 11 years so.

Hillary on the other hand has joked about FAR worse.

“We came.  We saw. He died.”  Hilarious to Hillary.  A man, Gaddafi of Libya, was sodomized with a knife and beaten to death.  According to Human Rights Watch, instead of bringing Gaddafi to stand trial, the crowd that had him captured beat him, with one stabbing him in his anus with a bayonet.  The United States used our military to topple a government so that thugs could brotally murder man.  Then that country descended into being an ISIS safe haven. Hillary was the architect of that strategy.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  

That should be shocking.  That should disgust the media and politicians.  That is the behavior Hillary will bring to the White House.  War.  Murder. Death. Mayhem.  All for Hillary to have a chuckle.


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