Return of the Cough: Hillary’s Health

Nothing lasts forever.  Hillary not having a coughing spell was never meant to last.  The American Mirror caught Hillary having a coughing spell and needed a cough drop today in Ft Pierce.

We were also back to questions about her strength and/or balance.  Once again Hillary needed assistance down a few steps to get off the stage.


There was a lot of speculation that Hillary looked hopped up on something on the debate Monday to keep her going.  However, you cannot keep somebody pumped up with drugs too long.  Let’s watch to see what happens over the next week with Hillary.

Also, it looks like she is wearing the curtains my parents had in our family room in the 1970s.


One thought on “Return of the Cough: Hillary’s Health

  1. There is nothing wrong with Hillary. Every time she wants to get out of doing something or backed into a corner, this is what she does. She fakes an illness, and when the deed that she doesn’t want to do is over, she is back to business as normal. I’m sure she knows she will be clobbered in the debate with Trump…..thus poor poor pitiful Hillary. She is a liar, and the most evil woman on the planet.


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