Hillary Killed 4 Americans in Benghazi If Trump is Responsible for Every Vendor Payment

A big theme with the left is various vendors from past Trump projects complaining about whether they received full payment.  Being somebody who actually works in contracting, these sort of billing disputes are very common.  I was prepared to write a Pulitzer worthy explanation of the the processes of how General Contractors and Sub Contractors work on large projects, billing, charge backs, damages, litigation, the whole ball of wax.  It would have been FASCINATING.

Then I realized something.  Who cares?

The Democrat slant is that Trump ran the company, and people are unhappy, so he is a bad man.  Fine.  Let’s go with that.  There are unhappy vendors, and it is all Trump’s fault.  Now what about Hillary?

Hillary ran the State Department.  There standard claim is that there were 600 requests for additional security before the September 11 attack that left 4 brave Americans dead in Benghazi.  Even when Democrats try to down play it, they came up with “only” 200 requests.  In the end, even the State Department Accountability Review Board found security totally inadequate and ignored by the State Department in DC under the leadership of Hillary Clinton:

“The number of Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) security staff in Benghazi on the day of the attack and in the months and weeks leading up to it was inadequate, despite repeated requests from Special Mission Benghazi and Embassy Tripoli for additional staffing. Board members found a pervasive realization among personnel who served in Benghazi that the Special Mission was not a high priority for Washington when it came to security-related requests, especially those relating to staffing. The insufficient Special Mission security platform was at variance with the appropriate Overseas Security Policy Board (OSPB) standards with respect to perimeter and interior security. Benghazi was also severely under-resourced with regard to certain needed security equipment, although DS funded and installed in 2012 a number of physical security upgrades.”

So Trump is responsible for unhappy vendors who are alive today to complain about his management style.  Hillary is responsible ignoring requests for security in a country that was descending into anarchy and left 4 men dead and therefore unable to complain about her management style.  Is there any question about which one is worse?


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