BS Checker – Media Lies About Trump Supporting Iraq War

The Media fad right now is to claim to be “Fact Checkers.”  They act like calling themselves a “Fact Checker” is some sort of certification that they are NOT going to do their usual deceptive editorializing of facts to support their corrupt liberal agenda.  With that in mind here is my “BS Checker” for checking the fact checkers.

Donald Trump says he did not support the war in Iraq under George W Bush.  The self proclaimed “Fact Checkers” at sites like PolitiFact and Washington Post have rated this false.  The media points to this Howard Stern interview from September 2002 as proof that Trump DID support the invasion:

“Are you for invading Iraq?” Stern asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Trump said.

First of all, that is NOT a ringing endorsement.  It is at most a half-hearted agreement to move the interview on in a time when opposing the war was not very popular.  Let’s be honest too, going on Stern is NOT exactly a real media interview.  Other important Stern questions during that interview included “Probably the most important question I can ask on a day like today is where is Melania and is she naked?”

Neil Cavuto is a REAL journalist.  On January 28, 2003 we were still months away from the invasion.  Cavuto asked Trump about the looming invasion and was told by Trump that “Well I’m starting to think that people are much more focused now on the economy. They’re getting a little bit tired of hearing we’re going in, we’re not going in.”  Trump also said  “I think the, the Iraqi situation is a problem and I think the economy is a much bigger problem.”  So Trump felt the focus needed to be on the economy.  Cavuto did not ask if Melania was naked.

Likewise, Sean Hannity has confirmed that in personal discussions Trump opposed the war.  “You know how many times we had conversations about that? You told me I was wrong, in fairness,” Hannity said.  “It was respectful and I understood where you were coming from,” Trump responded and then added “I was against the war, I thought it would destabilize the Middle East. I didn’t realize it would be managed so badly.”  Again, there are no indications that Hannity discussed Melania being naked during these conversations.


Trump clearly was not a supporter of the Iraq invasion.  The most the media can sight as support is a tepid “I guess so.”  However, after that quote and before the war he more clearly stated that we needed to instead focus on the economy.

I give the media fact checkers a steaming 5 piles of BS for their dishonestly skipping details like the Cavuto interview for no other purpose than defending Hillary’s war mongering.




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