PolitiFAKED – PolitiFact Calls Sanders True, Trump False on Same Claims

So called fact checkers are on a roll against Trump right now.  They push the new Democrat lie talking point that all Trump does is lie.  Apparently this is to try to minimize that Hillary Clinton is so unable to tell the truth that even she calls herself a liar when looking into the mirror.

These so called “fact checkers” are just the same corrupt and dishonest media using a different title.  If you read the drivel below their click bait titles and Pinocchios or Truth-O-Meters, the bias shows through.  It is usually at the very end or their rambling where they will make a comment about “intent” or other gibberish where they decide to interpret what Trump (or whoever else they are lying about) really means in the distorted liberal opinion.   However, there is a recent example that is so glaring that it sums the whole thing up in a neat and tidy package.

In his outreach to the black community, Trump has said that black youth unemployment is 59%.  Over the summer, Socialist Bernie Sanders said the same unemployment was 51%.  According to Polifact, Trump is Mostly False, while their favorite Comrade Bernie is mostly true.  For Trump’s use of the SAME STATISTIC they say “Clearly, black youths have a harder time finding work than whites. But Trump exaggerates the issue through his misleading use of statistics.”  For Bernie these scum sucking swine say “The statement is accurate but needs clarification or additional information, so we rate it Mostly True.”

This is why the media is not trusted.  This is not even two different publications.  This is the SAME PEOPLE giving totally different verdicts purely based on who said it.  How can you claim to be a fact checker when you lie about your own G-D facts!?!?

In terms these dishonest filth better understand, for honest and integrity I give Politifact 5 giant heaping turds.



Just in case you want to fact check me, here are the original articles in their entirety.


















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