Rumored Democrat Violence To Sway Election May Start In Charlotte

Rumors started a few days ago that the there may be plans on the left to drum up violence to blame on Donald Trump and his supporters to try to throw the election.  The first rumors were sparked in part by speculation that Clinton may be planning an October surprise involving that would involve people causing violence and falsely blaming Trump and those of us that support him.  The only way to prevent this from either happening, or at least stop blame from being pushed on to those of us who support Trump, is to start speaking out NOW and making it common knowledge that the Left intend to use these dangerous tactics.

Now with the violence in Charlotte spinning out of control, a second rumor has emerged that a group is being organized to cause trouble in Charlotte to be blamed on Trump.


This is a very real possibility demonstrated by the fact that the media is more than willing to do and say anything to cast aspersion on Trump and his “basket of deplorables.”  Something very similar happened in the UK leading up to Brexit when a mentally disturbed man attacked a Member of Parliament and the left leaning media rushed to blame Brexit “Leave”supporters.  The US media has shown they are more than willing to do the same.  Just look at recent comments the media has broadcast from members of the Hillary Team.


First is Hillary’s VP running mate Tim Kaine who said this week that about Trump “When you look at a series of these comments that he’s making, I do believe it is an incite or at a minimum an expression of indifference to whether violence would occur.”

There is also smug douche and Hillary Campaign Manager Robby Mook who said this week “Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, has a pattern of inciting people to violence.” ://

The media is all to happy to jump onto these talking points.  In the mean time, they focus on any hint of conflict inside Trump rallies looking to blame Trump and supporters.  At the same time they all but ignore violence from Democrat supporters against peaceful attendees outside.  Despite Democrats being the only ones engaging in this violence, the media instead chooses to ignore the victims and try to blame Trump for exercising his free speech rights.


The only hope to prevent this is to start talking about it openly now.  Make it public knowledge that we know this is coming and will not


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