Hillary Health Oddities Strike AGAIN

She could not even make it a week after her “pneumonia.”  On Monday Crooked Hillary was giving a speech in Pennsylvania when people noticed a few oddities.  Interestingly, one points back to the still open concern about head and brain injury.

First up, she needed help to get up the stairs AGAIN.  We are not talking a huge flight of steps either.  We are talking a few little stairs to get onto the stage.  It could be she is too sick or weak.  Maybe she is dizzy or experiencing double vision which has been discussed as a worry with Hillary.  Her second item that night gives one clue.


Second, and more odd, is what happened with her eyes.  As you can see on video at http://www.theamericanmirror.com/mystery-going-hillarys-eyes-philly-speech/ her eyes strangely go crossed.


Now, not being a doctor I did what any modern citizen did and looked this up online.  Being cross eyed is refereed to as strabismus .  Normally you have it starting in childhood BUT you can develop in later in life.  Under “Causes of stranismus” at http://www.aoa.org/patients-and-public/eye-and-vision-problems/glossary-of-eye-and-vision-conditions/strabismus?sso=y it lists the following medical as conditions:

  • Medical conditions. People with conditions such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy or who have suffered a stroke or head injury are at a higher risk for developing strabismus.

Stroke?  Head injury?  There has been a lot of talk already about Hillary falling and concussions.  Strokes are caused by blood clots, for which she is currently being medicated.  Also, being crossed eyed causes the double vision for which Hillary has been seen wearing special prism glasses to help control.


It looks like they health problems are not going away!



3 thoughts on “Hillary Health Oddities Strike AGAIN

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  2. Look up eye problems for Parkinson’s patients, that’s what it looks like. In fact, Parkinson’s explains all of Hillary’s symptoms … Especially her stiff collapse on 9/11 video and being carried into the car, the aspiration pneumonia that PD causes, the dyskinesia from anti-Park medication seen on the NBC live camera that looked like seizure… Heaven help our country!


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