CNN At It Again – Proves Why They Are Now The Clinton News Network

CNN once again proves that they are so desperate to do ANYTHING to aid the pick for President that they refuse to let facts get in the way.  Not only that, but when facts do not support them they simply will make things up.

In response to the weekends terror attacks in Minnesota, New York and New Jersey, Donald Trump recommended that we look towards using profiling like Israel.  ISrael is famous through the world for how they profile.  they are most famous for how they profile anybody flying on their national airline, El Al.

Saying we should borrow a page from Isreal is a calm, intelligent and reasonable proposal.  Corrupt CNN cannot have that!  Below they show the ACTUAL quote but blatantly lie in the headline by putting in quotes that Trump wants “Racial Profiling.”  That implies Trump is calling for racial profiling, which he is not.  They are lying AGAIN at CNN.  They have been caught AGAIN at CNN.


Let’s not forget, this is hardly the first time CNN has shown their bias against Trump.




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