Hillary’s Deplorable Week Has Trump Up In Polls

Insulting a large portion of the American people as “irredeemable” and “deplorable.”  Passing out in public, on camera.  Lying about why she passed out on camera.  Email leaks talking about Bill “dicking bimbos.”  It has been a BAD week for Hillary and the polls show it.  Here is a sample.

The LA Times Daily Tracking Poll shows Trump pulling away at a break neck pace.  

Just a two weeks ago Hillary led the Real Clear Politics average by a wide margin that seemed stable and unbeatable to pundits.  Now she is dropping daily and about to lose her lead entirely.

Back when Hillary was on top, she led in all the polls in that Real Clear Politics average.  Now Trump leads in 3, and is within a margin of error on all but 3 others.

Over at Nate Silvers prediction site Five Thirty Eight, Hillary has dropped quickly from what they called an almost sure win that she held consistently EXCEPT during the GOP convention.

Last but not least is Rasmussen.  Trump leads with “Whites” and “Others” by a commanding lead.  With “Blacks” he is up to 23% which may leave a lot to be desired, but if beats the crap out of anything else the GOP normally gets.


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