Trump Donation To Bondi Cleared As Legit – Do Crooked Dems Want To Look At Their Donations Problems?

The media has been desperate trying to figure a way to get traction by implying that the Trump political donation to Bondi was in some way a pay-for-play deal.  It has been hard, since they have to dance around all the corrupt donations to the Clinton Foundation and the DNC.  Now, the New York Times has found proof that there is NOTHING wrong with the Trump donation.  The question is, will Democrats still support investigating questionable donations now that theirs are the only ones left?

The story up until now has been vague and full of holes, but more than enough for idiots on the left to be triggered and start screaming.  The Orlando Sentinel published a report on Sept. 13, 2013, about Pam Bond’s office announcing that they would be looking into Trump University complaints.  Four days later, a check for $25,000 from the Donald J. Trump Foundation was received by political action committee supporting Bondi’s 2014 re-election. In mid-October, it was announced that Bondi’s Attorney Generals office would not be acting on the Trump University complaints.  Since the donation was received and deposited AFTER the announcment, Democrats have been quick to say that is proof Trump was paying Bondi to drop her look into the nothing-burger that was Trump U.


Now the  The New York Times has gotten a copy of Trump’s check, which is actually dated and signed by Trump 4 days before it was announced in the Sentinel that there were complaints the AG office was looking into.  So yes, the check was received by Ms. Bondi’s committee four days after the Sentinel report and was recorded as such in her financial disclosure filings at that time.  What was forgotten is that mail takes time.  The check was written and signed before then.  Nothing to see here kiddos.

Since this half baked story broke, Democrats has been fully triggered and demanding everything up to and including a Congressional Investigation.  So now the question is, will they hold true and push for the same level of investigation for their own donations scandals.

What about the Clinton Foundation.  There is a long list of questionable decisions and actions taken by Clinton as both a Senator and Secretary of State following large donations to the Foundation and the payment of speaking fees to Bill.  There is also the curious fact that 55% of Hillary’s appointments as Secretary of State were with Foundation donors.  Finally, there is the admission by the President of the Foundation that there is “no question” that donors received “courtesy appointments.”

There is also the most recently released WikiLeaks emails from the DNC.  They show obvious pay-for-play as large DNC donors were rewarded with Ambassadorships and other positions.

So tell me Democrats… do you STILL want to investigate donations?  Are you willing to do the right thing and look into ALL donations?  I didn’t think so.


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