Cheating Hillary’s Earpiece – Huma’s Leaked Email Says Its True

In case you have missed it, today’s big firestorm was about Crooked Hillary wearing an earpiece last night on NBC.  The responses I have gotten are HILARIOUS.  My Reddit account has been hammered all day with happy Trump supporters and livid Correct The Record types and other liberal idiots.

There are four main arguments:

  1. Not true.  She does not wear an earpiece.  That is just a reflection.
  2. That is not true.  Even if it was, being coached during a forum like this is not cheating and does not prove that she did anything wrong.
  3. If it is anything, it is a hearing aid.  The fact that it was not mentioned in her health report is… hey look a squirrel.
  4. Stop being mean to her.

I would also like to think there is a number 5: It is whatever that crap was that she spit into a glass and then drank on Monday.

For all the people denying she wears an earpiece, you are wrong.  Not only are you wrong, but it is provable.  Run a search in WikiLeaks for earpiece and you get the following email to Hillary Rotten Clinton from her girl Huma.  Stop burying your head in the sand about your weak candidate.


For those of you that will claim I faked this, here is the link

So either she is cheating and has had people helping fill her addled brain for years, or she uses a hearing aid and is covering that up like all her other health issues.

Now, I fully expect most arguments to go along the lines of some whining about Russian hackers.  Who cares?  No matter where the truth comes from, there it is.







4 thoughts on “Cheating Hillary’s Earpiece – Huma’s Leaked Email Says Its True

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  2. Haha, what a moron. Now you’re using already debunked GOP propaganda from Wikileaks to push your deluded conspiracy theories? JFC, you’ve gone full Alex Jones.


    • So now you are going with WikiLeaks is debunked? It is a shame when you are such a pathetic stooge that you blindly give your loyalty who publicly treat you like shit and show their hatred as they sell you to the highest bidder.


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