Hillary Wrong As Usual: Trump DOES Know More

If Hillary is talking the odds are she is lying, or wrong, or both.  We should probably be nicer to her about it.  After all, by her own admission she suffered such a serious concussion that she barely had the strength to work even a few hours a week at the State Department and has memory gaps of virtually everything she did there.  Plus add in emails that show her discussing brain disorders that compromise judgement and it is a wonder anybody considers voting for her.

Her latest attack is on a comment that Trump made at a rally saying that he knew more than the Generals.  To Crooked Hillary questioning any part of the government bureaucracy is taboo.  She has latched onto this as a sign that Trump does not have the temperament, etc, etc, etc.  Except, as expected, she is wrong.

It was only last month that it was confirmed that higher ups in the Pentagon were intentionally skewing data to make the war on ISIS look more positive.  Military and political leaders pointed to this incorrect data and led to such famous displays of shit judgement as President Obama calling ISIS the JV team (his being an arrogant prick also plays a role).  So any outside observer looking at the data without this politically motivated spin WOULD have a more accurate idea on ISIS.  Plus Trump has had Retired General Michael Flynn advising him.  Flynn is one of the people who has been screaming that we are way underestimating our ISIS enemies.  http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/military-reports-skewed-positive-isis-fight-gop-task/story?id=41299652

So yes, Trump did (and likely still does) have a more accurate view of the threat of ISIS then the partisan political hacks who have intentional skewed data to make the President look good even if it risks American lives.



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