Trump Opens Can Of Whoop Ass – Leads Hillary in CNN Poll

In a twist so shocking that the Clinton Apologists at CNN cannot even cover it up, Trump has now pulled ahead of Hillary in their latest polling.

Here is the skinny:

In the latest poll, CNN has Trump ahead of Hillary by 2 points.  That may not seem huge, but keep in mind that in August Hillary was AHEAD by 8.  Back then, Hillary’s Media Minions were declaring the race all but won for her based on this lead.  Now Trump has pulled a 10 point switch and taken the lead.


Equally amazing is Trumps MASSIVE lead with Independents.  Remember that for YEARS the chattering consultant class on both sidse of the aisle has said no Republican can win without swaying the all important Independents.  For the past year, we have been told that Trump and his bold commitments to actions that the whimpering GOP elite has refused to address would scare away those independent voters.  Trump leads Hillary by 20 points in that competition, a wider lead than she has over Gary Johnson who has less than a snow balls chance in hell of winning.cnn-ind

In addition, recent Reuter’s polls have shown Trump even ahead in several battleground and blue states.Trump polls

That is polling, based on people whose lives are so boring they answer the phone for pollsters and are willing to answer their stupid questions.  In this world “Likely voters” is based on these 700 pound shut ins telling the polling company that they plan to vote, assuming somebody uses the Jaws Of Life to pry them out of the bed they have been stuck in for the past 15 years and load them on a flat bed truck to take them to the polls.  Yes, I know there is absentee voting, but they will just spill gravy all over their ballot form.

If you want to judge people with the passion to turn out, even waiting in long lines for hours, look at event turn out.  In August Trump dominated Hillary.  Trump averaged an impressive 6,200 attendees per rally, while sickly Hillary could only manage an average of 900.  While Hillary has hidden from the public and only held 11 rallies in 8 states, Trump has held 32 rallies covering 16 states.  The attendees also does not include the fact that many of us feel the media down plays the real size of Trump rallies, and overplays the number for Hillary.EngagedAugust

A lead in the the polls, and a MASSIVE lead in enthusiasm spells landslide for Trump.













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