Hillary ADMITS Health Damage From Concussion

Hillary and her team have spent weeks and months denying any sort of health issues in her run for President.  They have gone so far as to call all the questions and discussions conspiracies.

Apparently her health is fine if she wants to be President, but not if she if she is trying to get out of an FBI investigation.

During her FBI interview Clinton told investigators she could not remember getting any briefings on how to handle classified information or comply with the laws that govern the preservation of federal records.  According to the FBI summary report “However, in December of 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot.  Based on her doctor’s advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received.” https://ca.news.yahoo.com/fbi-releases-documents-related-clinton-email-investigation-174820715.html

So which is true.  Is her health fine and she can run for President but has to admit she broke the law?  Or was her brain damaged so that she cannot remember being briefed on handling confidential information and stays out of jail, but has health problems that keep her out of the White House.

What part is Hillary lying about?

Here are all the past things I have posted about Hillary and her health problems:

Obama’s Doctor raises concerns over Hillary’s health and says we need to see more records.  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/31/obamas-doctor-raises-concerns-over-hillarys-health/

Hillary emails released by WikiLeaks show comments about concussion, mental disorders, and drug use https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/23/wikileaks-hillary-emails-raise-more-health-concerns/

Pictures show Hillary is using a catheter during appearances https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/22/hillarys-failing-health-cathetergate/

Hillary appears to weak to stand at appearances https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/18/hillary-too-weak-to-stand-during-appearances/

Majority of Americans WANT to see Hillary health records  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/12/majority-of-americans-want-to-see-hillary-medical-records-for-problems-media-minions-ignore/

Hillary is physically and mentally unfit to serve as President.  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/08/hillary-is-physically-and-mentally-unfit-for-office/



2 thoughts on “Hillary ADMITS Health Damage From Concussion

  1. Hillary is a cheate
    Yes am with trump
    On this in fact i voied
    For trump hillary
    Am sorry but the us wouldnt be
    Safe with u trump your a good man u know what u are doing


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