More CNN Anti-Trump Bias on Display

It must be hard being a shill for Hillary.  CNN is so busy working overtime to cover for the most corrupt person to ever run for President that they are getting very sloppy.

First was their attempt to attack Trump for his outreach to Black Americans that sounded so racist it would make a member of the KKK blush.

Now on Monday a Good Samaritan in New Jersey saved an infant that had been locked in a car.  When he appeared on CNN, he was wearing a Trump shirt.  I mean, of course a man of action like this would be a Trump supporter.  A Hillary supporter would have sat and watched while complaining that we need a government program to prevent such tragedies.  Anyway, CNN actually blurred the Trump logo out during the interview.  It was not blurred on the LIVE interview, but blurred when it was repeated later during the day.


In another neat treat this week CNN edited a Donald Trump tweet.  In the REAL Tweet, Trump called on “Crooked Hillary” to release her medical records.  “Crooked” is the nickname Trump has given Clinton, and which is so fitting given her long history of lies and corruption.  It is not a nickname the media likes.  So for CNN the solution was simple, edit his text to take out the part they did not like BUT show it like it was a quote from him.


With each passing day CNN grows more and more biased.  Now it is moving past their ignoring or spinning stories, they are actually changing real facts and events to suit their narrative.









One thought on “More CNN Anti-Trump Bias on Display

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