Presidential Trump Vs Crooked Fundraising Hillary

Tell me again who looks most suited to be President?

This shows how the next four years of our country will be under each one.  Trump is out at rallies, events, and meetings with key groups.  He is meeting the people.  He is talking to us.  When the opportunity to meet with a foreign leader comes up, he jumps on it and moves quickly.  Hillary on the other hand is hanging out with the wealthy and celebrities lining her pockets with cash.  She avoids chances to spend time with everyday Americans, and help the suffering.  She ignores the opportunity to talk to a foreign leader about out joint problems and out future.  She only breaks from fundraising to make a speech to call millions of Americans racist in an attempt to intimidate us into backing down and letting her win.


Today Donald Trump is in Mexico visiting their President.  This is following an invitation last week for both Hillary and Trump to visit our neighbor to the south.   Of course, as would be expected the media is already trying to label the visit as a failure, even before it has happened.  Hillary in the meantime has done nothing with this offer.  She is too busy attending fundraisers.

Trump also gave a detailed sketch on immigration.  Hillary continues to focus on all issues in vague terms regarding her plans, and lash out with insults and attacks.

This was in addition Trump beating everybody out to survey the flood damage in Louisiana and provide assistance in the form of donations and media attention.

Meanwhile Hillary has been flying around the country raising money.  Happily flying in her private plane from coast to coast pursuing cash, and still not visiting the people of Louisiana.

Hillary DID take a short break from fundraising to give speech last week.  In this humdinger she went full on crazy attacking Trump and his supporters as a band of radical racists.  She did not just play the race card, she threw the whole deck at us.  You can tell even the dishonest media thinks she went way to far given how quickly they dropped the line.  She may be stupid enough to insult half of America, but the media is smarter than that.  The apparent reason for this attack was, plain and simple, to fan the flames of violence and hatred that has been leading Democrats to violently attack Trump gatherings.  She wants to intimidate us into being silent.

So which do you want?  A man who reaches out to the people of this country and takes charge of the issues by meeting with foreign leaders?  Or do you prefer a woman who ignores us unless she is creating fear and hatred to divide us while she takes money for the wealthy?

Personally, it does not look like it is even a choice in my book.






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