Obama’s Doctor Raises Concerns Over Hillary’s Health

In remarks that will certainly be overlooked by Hillary’s Media Minions, the former Doctor for Barack Obama is raising concerns over Hillary’s health.  The first part of the video that follows has the Doctor ask about Trump’s health, largely due to age, and criticize Trump’s own Doctor because he does not like the way he wrote his letter approving of Trump’s health.  Then things get interesting.

Starting at about 3:20 in we move on to Hillary’s health.  He questions her being on the blood thinner coumadin for her blood clots problem.  Coumadin is a serious drug and takes a lot of close monitoring.  He there brings up needing more brain scan information given her concussion, citing that concussions often cause athletes to loose cognitive ability.  Then being the typical shit show that is the Clinton News Network they change the topic and ask partisan questions about the doctors own political leanings.  Since he admits he supports Hillary, his bringing up these issues is even more important.  Of course, he will NEVER be on CNN again.  This Doctor does join the chorus of the majorty of Americans who want to see her health records.  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/12/majority-of-americans-want-to-see-hillary-medical-records-for-problems-media-minions-ignore/

This just adds more legitimate questions to the Hillary Health Crisis.  Let’s not forget the MANY other issues and concerns that have come up.

In a series of WikiLeaks items, emails both tow and from Hillary point to several problems.  One is a question about concussions, like the doctor mentions.  There are also issues about mental disorders and the use of drugs that can include treatment for a variety of health problems.  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/23/wikileaks-hillary-emails-raise-more-health-concerns/

There is CatheterGate, where many recent pictures show that Hillary appears to need a catheter constantly.  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/22/hillarys-failing-health-cathetergate/

There is the fact that increasingly Hillary needs help to stand.  Maybe it is from weakness.  Maybe it is from being dizzy, disoriented, and not having the balance to stand on her own for long amounts of time.  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/18/hillary-too-weak-to-stand-during-appearances/

This all lines up with along list of items that show Hillary is not fit to run for President, more or less serve.  https://nextrepublicans.com/2016/08/08/hillary-is-physically-and-mentally-unfit-for-office/

It is more and more obvious that Hillary has major health issues, probably more than one.  We need to put an end to this madness.  Hillary cannot serve as President.  She needs to drop out.










2 thoughts on “Obama’s Doctor Raises Concerns Over Hillary’s Health

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