Who Has Scarier Followers? Hillary Vs Trump

Hillary lashed out with the only card a desperate and corrupt puppet who is bought and paid for by Wall Street and Foreign Governments could…  She has called us all RACIST.  Her big fixation is the Alt-Right and Breitbart who is (arguably) a voice for the Alt-Right.

Whose friends and followers are REALLY scarier.  We report.  You decide.

On the left is Sen Robert Byrd.  He was a Grand Wizard in the KKK and a Democrat US Senator.  Hillary called him a friend and mentor.  Members of the Klan use as their chosen method of attack things like cross burning and murder.

On the right is Pepe.  Pepe is supposed to be some sort of frog.  Pepe is popular with the Alt-Right in their chosen method of attack, memes.

On the left is a more current KKK Grand Wizard.  He and others like him have given $20,000 in donations to Hillary Clinton.  They think she will best represent them as President.

On the right is another form of popular Trump meme.  This is God Emperor Trump.  A common them with Democrats is that Trump will be a strong man and act like a king.  The phrase God Emperor is meant to annoy the left.  It works.

On the left is terrorist Omar Mateen.  He murder members of Orlando’s LGBTQ population at Pulse Nightclub.  A friend of his told the media he was a big fan of Hillary.

On the right is a meme of Trump inserted into the movie ET.  Inserting Trump into movie and TV themes is very popular.

On the left is the father of Omar Mateen in an area for invited guests at a Hillary rally.  This man said in an interview after following the shooting that Allah will judge homosexuals.  He is also a supporter of the Taliban.

On the Right is Trump in a scene from Apocalypse now with the caption “I love the smell of liberal tears in the morning.  It smells like… victory.”

Klan Grand Wizards,or people who post memes.  A man who murders 49 in Orlando or a green thing that is supposed to look like some sort of frog?  Hmmmm…. Seems like a pretty easy call….. Let me think about it….















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