WikiLeaks Hillary Emails Raise MORE Health Concerns

Every week there are more developments in Hillary’s E-Mail Scandal, Health Problems Cover-Up, and Clinton Global Initiative Corruption.  The flow is so constant that even her Mainstream Media Minions are having a hard time covering it all up.  They work double time just to downplay all these problems.  I almost feel guilty discussing it again and again.  Almost.  Today we combine two great tastes that make one great Hillary mess together… leaked emails from WikiLeaks AND her health.  These emails include head injuries, a disorder making decision making difficult or impossible, and use of a potentially addictive pharmaceutical.


Wikileaks has several emails in their archive of leaked Hillary Documents that point towards health concerns that I am describing below.  Mind you these are old messages.  These are also ones that WikiLeaks has found and published on their Twitter feed, which I HIGHLY recommend following at  There may be others that have not popped up yet and are harder to find.  These also do not include the almost 15,000 emails that just turned up from the FBI.  Hopefully these will be leaked soon so that we do not have to wait for the State Department to drag their feet and try to suppress the truth.  Finally there is also the matter of what fun goodies Assange and company still have that they have not dropped yet.

First up is an email sent to Hillary by a member of her team about the drug Provogil (also known as modafinil).  This fun little drug is used to treat narcolepsy and shift work sleep Provogil-Leakdisorder as well as excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigu
e syndrome, myotonic dystrophy, opioid-induced sleepiness, and spastic cerebral palsy.  According to our good friends at WikiPedia it is also “In the United States modafinil is classified as a schedule IV controlled substance and restricted in availability and usage, due to concerns about possible addiction potential.”  Of course that addiction risk is down played in the email sent to Hillary.  The email does mention that it is only recommended to take the drug for two or three day stretches at a time.  All drugs include side effects, for Provigil this includes  “One-third of participants in clinical trials reported experiencing headaches; 11% reported nausea; other negative side-effects such as nervousness, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, and gastrointestinal problems were reported by less than 10% of participants. ” Could be hopped up on this explain why Hillary only makes such a small number of appearances with breaks in between?  Can it also explain the tired and haggard look she often has since she would basically just be kept up and moving by the drug?  The full email sent to Hillary is here:

Just a few months earlier Hillary Rotten Clinton had traded emails with Cheryl Mills about a condition called Decision Fatigue.  In Crooked Hillary’s own words the article is “spooky Decision-Leakdescriptive.”  In this email it states that “Decision fatigue helps explain why ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues and families, splurge on clothes, buy junk food at the supermarket and can’t resist the dealer’s offer to rustproof their new car.”  Ironic considering how many stories are out there about Hillary being viscous and lashing out at people angrily.  Also poor decision making seems to be a hallmark of the Queen of Email Scandals.  Another side effect is that “One shortcut is to become reckless: to act impulsively instead of expending the energy to first think through the consequences,” and also “The other shortcut is the ultimate energy saver: do nothing. Instead of agonizing over decisions, avoid any choice. Ducking a decision often creates bigger problems in the long run, but for the moment, it eases the mental strain.”  Can you say Benghazi anyone?  Leaving and going home to rest during an attack on an American Consulate with the Ambassador Present?  For that matter, ignoring the many requests for additional security sure sounds like putting off a hard choice until it ends in disaster.  Call me crazy, but I think the President of the United States has to make a decision or two on a daily basis.  Somebody with a mental disorder that interferes in that may not be the best choice!

Last up is an email to a staffer referring to her recovering from a “cracked head.”  The staffer replies that they have reached out to the NFL commissioner.  That may seem like a HeadInjury-Leakweird person to contact to some people.  In reality it is not when you consider the pressure that the NFL has come under due to concussions and head injuries in NFL players.  In light of that, it is a great way to contact a person who can give discreet advice and information.  Hillary also replies to thank the staffer, but replies that she is “ok in the doctor department for now.”  Interesting that the original report was that Hillary was ill with a stomach virus then had the fall and head injury.  The alleged fall and this email were in 2012.  The email about medication for energy boosting and narcolepsy was back in 2011.  Even more interesting that this medication causes dizziness as a side effect.

Now this is all evidence that Hillary cannot deny because it is all in her own words, or words of her staff being sent to her directly.  It is becoming more an more obvious everyday that no amount of denial will cover up her health problems.  It is time for Sick Hillary to come clean with the American people.  I know her ego is driving her to want to be President at all costs, but an POTUS who is physically and mentally unfit is not a price that American can afford to pay for her narcissism.


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