Hillary Visits Cher – Trump Visits Flood Victims – A Tale of Two Candidates

America is looking for a leader.  We need a person who has our best interests at heart.  Of course, this is politics… they ALL say they are looking out for us.  How do you tell the difference?  Talk is cheap, so you have to look at people actions.  With Louisiana currently flooded, there is an opportunity to see leadership in action.

Hillary was taking a few days off to rest from the campaign trail Friday at Saturday.  She did however find time to go attend a fundraiser with Cher on Sunday.

Trump had a busy day campaigning scheduled Friday.  He canceled an appearance in New York to be able to fly down to Louisiana with Mike Pence.

Hillary spent time with senior citizen Cher.

Trump spent time with senior citizens who have lost their homes to flooding.

Crowds of supporters gathered to celebrity watch and see Hillary and Cher drive by on the way to the fundraiser.

Trump got out speaking to every day Americans who have lost homes and loved ones to flooding.

Hillary greets a TSA agent as she walks past security on her way to meet Cher and high dollar donors.

Trump spoke with First Responders about the devastation in Louisiana.

Hillary hangs out with Cher to collect over $1.5 million dollars for her campaign.  http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2016/08/22/cher-hosts-clinton-fundraiser-hill-gave-great-speech/

Trump donated supplies for Louisiana flood victims and helped hand them out.  http://www.thecreole.com/?p=62667  

Of course the media was busy swooning about how the crowd was “wowed” by Hillary and Cher in her self serving fundraiser.  http://www.capecodtimes.com/article/20160821/NEWS/160829904

Most media skipped mention of anything donated by Trump or brushed over it like CNN did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-fF-Cxhz_E.  Many others have attacked that among the supplies being given was PlayDoh for children to play with, attempting to say that is all he gave http://www.snopes.com/donald-trump-play-doh-lousiana/.  Others are trying to say he did nothing.

Because to liberals hanging with a washed up celebrity is more important that stepping in to help others.  Why help and donate when you feel that is purely the job of an over reaching government.  Count on other people to do things, while begging for your own government handouts.  The President will take care of it… as soon as he is done golfing.







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