CNN Shows The Racism Of Liberalism

The Clinton News Network is running a story that shows the soft racism that is inherent in liberals.  They are doing it, as they always do lately, licking at the boots of Hillary Clinton to try to show that Trump is racist.  All they are demonstrating is their own low opinion of black Americans.

Why does CNN assume that opposing letting people in jail vote is anti-black?  Is CNN saying that all, our even most, blacks are felons?  Does CNN think there are no honest, law abiding black Americans?  Are black Americans so caught up in a culture of criminality as a race that in their totality they can’t support laws but instead all identify as criminals and feel slighted even if they have led a good and clean life?  Maybe CNN feels all blacks are either criminals, our would-be criminals!

If Trump had said that we must let criminals vote or else we are excluding blacks from voting, there would be cries of racism all across the media.  This racism from liberals and Hillary supporters gets published on CNN and will draw no outrage unless WE push it, and likely not even then.  Make no mistake, CNN is showing the liberal belief that all blacks identify with and as criminals and need their liberal white protectors.  They see blue’s as one homogenous group with no differences ad free thought like whites are allowed.  CNN, like all Democrats, claim to care about blacks but only in the master and slave view of racists.


2 thoughts on “CNN Shows The Racism Of Liberalism

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