President Trump Visits Louisiana – Dishonest Dems And Media Spin

4:55 Update

Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu thanks Trump for coming and drawing attention to the crisis.


3:00 Update

Daily Caller is also reporting that Trump and Pence helped unload supplies from a truck while there.

1:53 Update

According to ABCNews, Hillary has managed to muster the strength to call the Governor to discuss the flood and make a Facebook post.

The dishonest Clinton News Network has buried the story about Trump and Pence visiting underneath Manafort resigning, and Ryan Lochte, and other flood related stories.

A woman Trump she was happy he wasn’t off playing golf, Trump replied: “Somebody is, somebody is that shouldn’t be.”and that “nobody understands how bad it is.”

1:30 Update

President Candidate Trump is in Baton Rouge now.  He has been greeted with warmly by residents with comments such as “Thank you for coming, Mr. Trump,” and “We knew you would be here for us!” another shouted.

Trump also showed a sort side at the home of 79 year old Jimmy Morgan.  Trump asked whether Morgan will rebuild, Jimmy Morgan replied: “I Just don’t know what we’ll do.”Trump hugged Morgan and told him: “You’re going to rebuild. It’s going to be so beautiful.”

Original Story Below

Today President Candidate Trump plans to visit flood ravaged Louisiana.  Trump is doing what people expect a President to do in a time like this.  Of the 3 people who should be doing this, Trump is the only one.  Meanwhile, the media is turning a blind eye to Obama and Hillary, and the hypocrisy given their past criticisms of Bush.

Floods have killed 13 people in LA and left 30,000 without homes.  Donald Trump has chosen to change his plans that would have had him on campaign stops, and to to Baton Rouge instead.  Obama is unwilling to leave from his two week vacation in Martha’s ObamaDavid-640x480Vineyard.  Apparently his long game on the back 9 is more important than 13 dead.  As for Hillary, I guess we should be fair.  She needs a vacation and some rest from the campaign trail given all the talk about her failing health.  After all, she is unable to even stand up throughout an entire campaign appearance.

Of course back when it was a Republican President, Obama was all to quick to use a natural disaster as a political tool to attack the other side.  The then Senator criticized Bush for responding to the Hurricane Katrina with a “spin operation” but no apparent sense that the government had failed its people.  Of course, she cannot criticize the current PResident as she desperately tries to ride hisw coattails to office.

Never willing to not push partisanship to insulitng his partner, Obama also had plenty of other name calling at the time.  Now, vacation is more important to him.  Apparently it would be “unconscionable ineptitude” to not go out for fro-yo tonight and isntead focus on suffering Americans.

Of course, not willing to be outdone by Obama while she lost her first run at the White House, Crooked Hillary said that Bush’s response was a display of “incompetence.”  She also said that “It is a great injustice that you would deny the resources to your own people, but that shouldn’t surprise us, because many people are invisible to this president.” If anybody knows about ignoring the regular people, it is Hillary.  She is just demonstrating it with LA.

Not that Obama is without his critics.  A local Louisiana paper has called him out on his ignoring the death and suffering in favor of golf with celebrities and the wealthy.


Democrats however are never above putting party over citizens.  The Democrat Douche-Fart Governor or LA has had not comment of criticism, and even said Obama should wait to come to survey the location.  He has also said Trump should only come if he is willing to help work or donate money.  Sounds Clintonesque… only show up if you have a check book.  This turd could work for the Clinton Foundation.

Maybe we should take it easy on Hillary though.  She appears very tired on the campaign trail.  I mean, this is the lady that went to bed during Benghazi.  Plus with her failing health she is likely to be more of a burden than a help.  Rumors continue to swirl about her health issues, and she cannot even stand for any length of time.  Touring a disaster is way too much.  Of course, it makes you wonder how she will be able to run a country.  Even Obama does not take as many vacations as she is right now.





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