Media In Denial Over Trump Rallies

The Clinton Licking Media has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Where they cannot distort something the MSM either ignore it (like her health) or lie.  Trump rallies are the biggest lie for the media.  The lie about the number of people, and try to portray the sort of angry mob you only get with leftist groups.  All the while they cover for Clinton despite Trump drawing 10 times the crowds to hide the passion for his candidacy, and the apathy for hers.


I was lucky enough to attend a Trump Rally in Sunrise last week as I discussed here  It was amazing.  The crowd was massive.  Everybody was pumped up and excited.  Aside from Trump, Mike Huckabee WP_20160810_009as well as Diamond and Silk had the crowd pumped up and eating out of the palm of their hands.  Everybody talked among ourselves during breaks, in line, and walking back out to our cars.  I met a great latin business man in line to buy Trump swag talking about how is whole family acts like he is crazy, but as a business owner there Trump is the only vote that makes sense.

The tipping point for me in ridiculous media came on a local news panel show.  The aging withered has been who host the show, Michael Putney showed his senility when he said that “I have rarely seen so many angry white people in once place.”  In a editiorial for the Miami Herald he refereed to the speech as “repellant, bigoted, petulant, arrogant, vulgar.”  He went on to say that “The rally had a kind of religious fervor. But of a toxic variety. The arena — packed with perhaps 10,000 people — was ripe with vitriol.”  WPLG-LibtardOn his backwash of a show, he said the event was a little over half full.  I will spare you the rest of this arrogant twits whining ramblings, if you think you can stomach more the article is here  My point is that the impotent old asshat is not even attempting to get facts right.  The place was packed.  Trying to find a story giving the attendance is impossible however.  Only GatewayPundit gives an estimate at 12,000 in his article  I would guess more like 14,000 to 15,000.  The arena holds 21,371, but 2,623 are club section seats that were closed off.  You do however have floor seating.  The place was more full than I have seen it for hockey games, but even being conservative and saying 80% full puts you in my estimate.  Thus why the media did note even report it.  As far as vitriol, it is true that Trump did not endorse Hillary, I guess that is vitriol to an angry old eunuch.  As far as arrogance, he did say he will make a better President so I guess that passes for arrogant to a man on his knees waiting for a Clinton money shot.  As far as fervor, I guess it is bad that a President gets people excited as opposed to Hillary who does not have the strength and energy to stand through her whole rallies as pictures collected from multiple sources show in this link  To this flaccid liberal cuckold I guess he would prefer a bunch of half asleep old liberal pussies like himself.

The local fish wrapper, the Sun-Sentinel shows an equally mindless bias.  Headlines range from “Trump should try to ‘keep his foot out of his mouth’ and other musings from the crowd in Sunrise.”

Missing also was mention of how amazing it is that Trump was able to get such a large crowd in this area.  Broward County is 50% Democrap and only 22% Republican.  Nearby Miami-Dade is only a little better at 42% Democrat.


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