Trump Gotta Be Trump – Makes Changes In Campaign Staff

Big news today as Trump makes another round of changes to his campaign staff.  This time it looks like he is going for people with experience, but at the same time match his style.  The Hillary Sucking Media may hate  Trump for his style, swagger, and way of reaching the peasants like you and me, but that is what will get him elected in the long run.  Trump is known affectionately by some as “The Mad Man.”  He needs a team that let’s him be real, and understand how to kick the Democrat’s and MSM’s asses while doing it.  He needs to be bold and bigger than life, even when on teleprompter.  His speeches this week show he can do that.

The last change was when Trump brought in Paul Manafort.  It was still a good decision.  Manafort is a very experience GOP insider.  Especially for the wrangling of a convention, Trump needed that.  Trump still needs some of that insider and establishment assistance, and likely will continue to need it to the end.  What Trump does NOT need is to BECOME one of those insiders.  The problem is Manafort may be a little TOO mainstream.  He gets that Trump has a YUGE appeal, but is not used to this sort of style that not only rejects the establishment but seeks to tear it down.

So now it is time for fresh blood.

First up is Stephen K Bannon.  Bannon is the Executive CEO of Breitbart, which means he is a tough convservative who takes no BS.  Just like Trump.  Bannon also has a Sirius XM show, and has produced several conservative movies.  He is the perfect guy to help a no nonsense, bare knuckles fighter like Trump convey that to the public in a successful way.  People want Trump to be Trump, not some PC establishment sack of crap like other politicians.  Bannon knows how to be that direct, and get the point across while handling media.  On the Serius he talks to regular people everyday and understands where they are coming from.  Under Bannon, Breitbart has grown huge with the same sort of no-holds-barred, cage fighter style that is what makes Trump magical.  This why cucks like Ben Shapiro have fled because when it is time to man up, they were just sad little eunichs and not men.

The other addition today is Kellyanne Conway.  The media is portraying bringing her on as a nod to pollsters, since she owns a polling company.  Trump has always said he did not want a big polling staff like other campaigns.  What Hillary’s Media Minions are missing is that on top of understanding what the American Public wants, she has a background getting that across to the media.   She is a regular contributor on on the networks like CNN, FOX, Fox Business, has been a guest on shows like Good Morning America, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Meet The Press.  So basically, she knows how to deal with libtards.  When the media goes on a pointless rant, she is the lady to reel them in.  Plus, let’s face it, she is a chick.  She has done a lot of polling work for womens issues, so she knows what women want.  That is a REAL man not some whimpering beta male, and she knows how to sell that.

Not mentioned so much today was that Roger Ailes is also now advising Trump on the ramp up to the debates.  If anybody knows how to beat the liberal media, it is Ailes.  He is the man who made FoxNews a household name and the leader in conservative news.  He knows the games the networks play, and he knows how to kick their asses.   Trump is riht that the media is his biggest adversary, even bigger thatn Crooked Hillary.  Ailes is the man to help Trump bring them to their knees.

This trio is going to make Trump unstoppable.  All of them are bold and media savvy.  Hear that thunder in the distance?  That is the start of the landslide.



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