Majority Of Americans Want To See Hillary Medical Records For Problems Media Minions Ignore

While the media continue to ignore growing concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health and whether she is even fit to be running for office, more evidence and issues keeps popping up.  Her Lapdogs in the MSM would rather try to make up stories reading intention into Trump’s words that look at obvious evidence of problems with Hillary.  If these problems were being attributed to Trump that is all we would hear about.  However, as the internet media refused to let this story be killed like some Democrat staffer public opinion is starting to sway against them.


A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that a majority of Americans now feel it is important to see Hillary’s health records.  The new data shows that 59% of Americans feel it is important to see Presidential Candidate health records, which is a huge jump from 38% back in 2014.

Much less scientific, but some sort of measure, is that the one story I put together listing some of the recent claims along with the long list of past issues has been read almost three and a half times more than any other posting I have put up.

So what is new?  Well, for starters there is a wonderful new image of Hillary giving a short speech outside one of her rallies.  She is actually having to be held up while she stands in place talking.

There has also been a leak of documents alleging to be from Hillary’s Doctor.  If true, these documents claim that Clinton suffers from “Complex Partial Seizures” and “early onset Subcortical Vascular Dementia.”  Complex Partial Seizures are often preceded by a simple partial seizure which manifest in several different ways like a sense of fear or a funny feeling in the body.  The actual Partial Seizure may cause the person to stare blankly into space, or experience non-purposeful, repetitive movements.  Vascular Dementia symptons include psychomotor slowness include forgetfulness, changes in speech, unsteady gait, clumsiness or frequent falls, changes in personality or mood or urinary symptoms.  All of these symptoms do look like things that have been observed recently.  There is no verification that the report is real, but there is also nothing to prove it is not right now.

The scary part is that if you tie together all the recent items with the long history of past issues, they do form a narrative that matches symptoms of a serious problem.  Any of these items on there own could be nothing, but together they look like a huge problem.   Jsut combine the recent evidence with her history of coughing fits,  fall fractures like her elbow, faints causing concussion, blood clots,  prism glasses for double vision,  prescription blood thinner,  thyroid issues and more.

If the media really thinks this is nothing and wants to put it to bed, they need to address it head on.  Just pretend these are accusations about Trump and run with it.







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