Massive Trump Rally in Sunrise/Ft Lauderdale FL Last Night – I Was There

That is right, I was there.  This is less a news story from my end, and more me bragging.  There are some things that you good to keep in mind however, that I can give some local color on the event.

First and foremost, it was frigging awesome.  I have been Florida Panthers Games in this facility before, and I have never seen the bowl that crowded.  The energy level ranged from high leading up to Trump, to off the charts once we came out.  The people were all polite and talked among ourselves.  There were a pretty good mix of men and women, despite the fact that the media says women do not support Trump.  There were a LOT of 20 somethings, even though Millenials do not support Trump according to the Hillary Flunkies Media.  This is South Florida, and there were a ton if Latins including many in “Latins for Trump” and “Latinas for Trump” shirts.  There was a solid number of African Americans, including one large group all dressed alike that Trump pointed out in the crowd.  Unlike a Democrat rally, we all appeared to have jobs.  All of this in a city where the Republicans are to Broward County what Elephants are to Ice Skating.

Broward County is known for many things.  Beaches.  Drinking.  Fishing.  Drinking.  Horse country west of town.  Drinking.  Cruise port.  Drinking.  Did I mention drinking?  One thing that Broward County is NOT known for is Republicans.  This county is a Democratic stronghold that keeps sending back the Queen of Greasy Hair and Lies, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.


At a time when Hillary Rotten Clinton cannot fill a high school gym, Trump packed in the crowds selling out a 12,000 seat arena in the heart of Democrat Territory.


The big negative that the Corrupt Media keeps leaning on is that in attendance at the even was Mark Foley, a South Florida Congressman who left office in shame over a sex scandal sending dirty texts to an underage boy.  Yes, that is bad.  However, there is no allegation he DID anything physically, just really REALLY inappropriate.

This is a weak attempt by Hitlery’s Media Minions to downplay her “sepcial guest” this week, the father of the Islamic Terrorist responsible for the Olrando Nightclub Massacre.  A man who has supported the Taliban, and said that “God will punish those involved in homosexuality.”  This was AFTER his son committed the massacre.  There is no comparison.  Sorry.


This is me




8 thoughts on “Massive Trump Rally in Sunrise/Ft Lauderdale FL Last Night – I Was There

  1. Thank You for sharing that! I have never been more excited to vote TRUMP this year than I can EVER remember in my 40 years of voting! I watch the Rallies vie RightSide Broadcasting and feel like I am a part of each one! Haven’t watched this one yet but will later! All the media drums up (like today some e-mail to RNC saying to defund Trump) love to hit our nerves and then it all fades away as quickly as it was put out there! MSM has become TABLOID and the actual Tabloids have become more real news! AMAZING! Thank you again for your experience!

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  2. I have been to two TRUMP Rally’s. The first in Phoenix and the 2nd at Mesa Gateway Airport. Mesa Gateway was spectacular. He had his TRUMP Plane pull right up to the huge hangar following a dramatic landing and entrance. What more could you expect from “the” TRUMP. It was absolutely terrific….both of them. I hope to get to some more. He’s been to Arizona, I believe, some 6 times. My VOTE is sealed.

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    • I know the facility holds around 2,k. The club level and sky boxes were closed, but there was a ton of people on the floor. I would say the stands looked at least 90% full.

      Funny, one POS on a local news show refereed to it as “the place looked over half full.” Sure…. WAY past half full.


  3. It is good to hear the other side of the coin. Trump is getting a raw deal with the media. We need Donald Trump to win this election and bring the establishment DOWN. The people have waited a long time to change what is going on up on the hill. We want to clean house and start putting Americans FIRST!

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  4. It is good to hear the truth for a change. The media has been very one side during this campaign. And it has NOT been in favor of Trump! The election is almost here and we are very excited to get MAJOR changes in the White House! Trump 2016!!

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