Choosey Fathers Of Islamist Terrorists Choose Hillary

Monday Hillary received an endorsement that can only come from a career of pandering to the lowest common denominator in a relentless pursuit of power driven by a desire to abuse that power. Evil begets evil, and Hillary truly is a monster. By now, even the corrupt media has had to at least mention Hillary’s “interesting” guest at her rally in Kissimmee, FL. Like his disgusting, murderous, terrorist son did before him, the father of the Orlando Nightclub Murder gave Hillary his full throated endorsement. Now we just have to wait for the media to repeatedly demand she renounce Mateen publicly lest they accuse her of agreeing with his hate filled ideology…. and wait… and wait… and wait.

TerristsFor Hillary2

I have actually seen some fucktards trying to say the pictures of Mateen are Photoshopped, so just in case you run into any Hillary brown shirts like that, this is the story that first caught Omar the Asshat, and has an interview with him afterwards.

Of course it should come as no surprise that Pappa Terrorist is on Team Hillary. Remember how the media reported on how his cock sucking son has #WithHer too. What, the lying media hid that? It only makes sense that a terrorist would support the party that created the KKK. Narrow minded hatred is common in Democrats, racists and terrorists.

Besides, the demented murdering apple did not fall far from the tree. Omar is pro-Taliban. Yes, THAT Taliban. The one that harbored Bin Laden. The one that brave Americans fought in Afghanistan. Daddy also said that Allah will punish homosexuality. You see where his son got his ideas.

Anti-gay, terrorist fathering, Taliban backing. If this man was within 100 yards of Trump they would be screaming that it priced he was racist. This turd appears being Hillary on stage, then endorses her to the media, and it only barely warrants mention. Certainly no self-righteous liberal media outrage.

Hillary campaign minions insist Mateen was not invited. However when the Princess of Darkness is asked about it, she ignores the reporter. When Trump could not hear a question, after denouncing a racist repeatedly, the media insisted it was major news. If that is the case, Hillary’s silence is consent.

Mateen says he was invited. Hillary flying monkeys say he wasn’t. However, since the people who stand behind candidates for the camera are usually hand selected, somebody put him there thinking he represents Hillary supporters. Maybe they just thought he has a great moustache.

In the end, if the media has any remaining dignity or integrity they would be screaming fur Clinton to disavow this filth and the hate he and his son represent. They won’t tight. Because they don’t have any. It will be a cold day in hell listening to Mateen’s son fry for his murder before the media’s asks any hard question of Hillary. Odds are they still be writing to push this under the rug by mid week.


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