Corrupt and Dishonest Former CIA Clinton Stooge Morell Betrays Nation In Support of Clinton

The media is all a flutter as former CIA administrator Mike Morell wrote an endorsement for Hillary in America’s least honest newspaper, The New York Times.  This man is anything but an honorable man as Clinton’s pushing media tries to betray him.  He is a representative of everything that has gone wrong with DC.  After a 30 year career he was passed over for the top job  at CIA.  The actions he has taken proves why he is unfit to lead, and is taking to his knees for Hillary like a White House intern for Bill.  He helped try to cover up about Benghazi, then lied to Congress about it.  His government career washed up due to his lack of honor, he hit the consulting business working for a Clinton affiliated group.  Now he keeps the lies rolling as he tries to help the Clinton’s retake power, hoping to be rewarded for being a cuckold to Hill.imagexcia-liar-ensoreses-clinton-01-800x416.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.kpx2taghlw.jpgRemember back during the Benghazi hearings when they talked about CIA members modifying taking points to obfuscate the truth and favor the Obama Administration before the election?  Yeah, that was our boy Mikey.

Caked before Congress to sine fur his Sun’s, this lying douche was so blatant that he was even called out by the Senate for his lying.  Anything to betray your country for career advancement.

Of course, at one point Morell did criticize Hillary, pointing out that her unsecured email server had ceremony been hacked by foreign governments.  Certainly to a man of moral character, as opposed to a career bureaucrat dip shit, this would stop you from endorsing the person who risked state secrets.  Lucky for Hillary, Morell possesses no such character.

Perhaps Morell is so quick to abandon what little principle he may have because of current company he keeps.  That company is  Beacon Global Strategies.  Apparent this “beacon” is meant as a warning beacon as this place is a rogues gallery of Clinton lackeys including Leon Panetta and Philippe Reinnes.

A long time servant to his Clinton masters, Reinnes redefines DC establishment scum.  Aside from licking Clinton boots, he is also part of the email scandal and bragged about using private email to avoid FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) while at the State Department.

Beacon is the sort of firm that calls itself bipartisan because it appeals to all sorts of elitist, establishment neocon filth on both sides of the aisle.  In addition to Crooked Clinton, they also work with honorless asshole Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

Now Morell says the email is no big deal.  Clinton was always careful with government secrets.  Well, aside from unsecured email servers and using wireless devices in countries where they were not safe to use them.  Morell does not care.  He has lied to support Obama and Clinton before, and is happy to keep on doing it.  He does not care about national security, just his job security.  Like any Clinton whore, he will sell the country for a paycheck.


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