Assange And WikiLeaks Continue Against Crooked Hillary

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks continue to grind against the corruption that is Hillary Clinton.  the greatest challenge continues, and will continue to be, a media that is more intent on getting their preferred candidate elected than the truth.


Julian Assage has been tempting us since the first data dump that there was more to come.  He then added to the tease by saying the truth will be enough to send Hillary to prison.  I mean, she won’t because the Democrats will enver allow it, but she should.  Now we are hearing MORE detail.  In 2013 Sen. Rand Paul asked Clinton, who was under oath, if the U.S. was involved with “any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya.”  She said “No.”  Since her lips moved, she was lying.  Now there appear to be emails that will come out soon to prove sh was lying.  Under her watch the US helped move weapons that went into Syria and helped arm ISIS.

That is not all for Hillary and her ties involving ISIS.  WikiLeaks also has email that show how Crooked Hillary has taken money from a company with ties to ISIS.  As dirty and sleazy as Clinton already is, there is only one way to make things more slimy….. add the French.  French company LaFarge traded for oil with ISIS.  Hillary Clinton was a Director at LaFarge AND the Clinton Global Initiative has received donations from them.  The Hillary work for LaFarge was back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, but that only shows that the CGI is the prefered way to channel kickbacks to the Clintons now.

Now the question is, will her corrupt buddies in the Media follow up on any of these?  Or will they down play it and try to cover up like they are with her other emails, and the DNC.








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