Khizr Kahn Disgraces His Sons Memory While Corrupt Media Cheers On

The media is showing one of the clearest signs of the total lack or morals and ethics as they drive the story of Khizr Kahn.  Kahn is the father of a hero.  A man who gave his life for our country.  Khan himself chooses to peddle lies and attacks to gain favor with a political party.  Kahn shames his sons honor everyday he engages in political attacks and hides behind his dead son.  At the same time the media ignores mothers like Patricia Smith, whose son died in Benghazi.  Teh disrepesct they show to Smith and o


If a pile of shit could talk it would have a show on MSNBC.  Oh, who am I kidding, pieces of shit DO have MSNBC shows.  The same people who are shocked that Trump could disagree with the parent of a fallen soldier and that his bitching rant was a highlight of the DNC complained that hearing from Patricia Smith ruined the RNC.

Not to be outdone the most masculine host on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, said that Smiths opinions are not as important.  Largely because she disagrees with the meida pandering narrative.

There is also no sense of outrage that another liberal writer actually called for Patricia Smith to be BEATEN TO DEATH.  I guess that is par for the course, since people who cross the Clintons often do wind up in accidents or suicides.

Or course, this also ignores that while Trump disagreed with Khan insults he did not attack their son.  The media totally ignores Clinton calling the mother of a dead son a liar.

From their the pandering media jumped on a chance to spiral out of control.  Objectivity and facts are irrelevant when there is a Clinton involved anyway.  The DNC put him on stage to rant like a crazy asshole and he delivered.  Now the scum in the DC and NY circles are shocked by any disagreement.  When in doubt, cue up the fake anger.  It has worked for creating riots with Black Lives Matter.

Now a few nights ago, Khan went on the ultimate piece of shit rant on the Clinton News Network.  After another mindless rant that draws coos of affection from the media, he said he wanted to get out of the spotlight.  Take one last cheap shot like a pussy, hide behind your dead son, then run like a bitch.

Proving he has no honor, he was back on the air two nights later bitching again.  This is a man with no shame, no honor.

The nicest thing you can say is that the Democrats are using this man, and he got in over his head.  To Democrats he is, like every Democrat voter, just a tool to maintain power.  Trot out a greiving set of parent, get them to be insulting and act like assholes, then act hocked when they are called out.  If Khan is dumb enough to expect anything more he will soon realize the truth when they discard him like used toilet paper.




In the end, this just proves the media and their disgusting double standard.  No longer content to report events they want to shape them.  They want the power.  Criticize these ass hats and they rage that people cannot put down the free press.  This press is not free, and they want us owned by the same masters.


In the end, Kahn is a dick and a coward.  If you are going to be a dick, own it.  Don’t hide behind your sons sacrifice and honor.

Now, evidence points that Khan is not JUST a Democrat tool and a dick, but has what are at best interesting ideas on issues like Sharia Law.  More on that later.



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