Hillary’s Coronation ShitFest Covered Up By Media

The lap dog media is back in full swing with Her Royal Highness Hillary Rodham Clinton as her convention wraps up.  Despite outbursts and protests on the floor of the convention all week, the biased liars in the media have tried to pretend it was all smooth sailing.  Last night was a massive shit fest.  If Donald Trump had had even a fraction of the protesters, it would have led the news cycle.  While the media tried desperately to cover up, the first sign was when I was watching on CNN and the camera briefly panned to this:


The camera quickly switched away, and did not come back again.  After that they stuck to either super tight or super wide shots all night.  The media did all the can to cover up the discontent in the Democrat Party, and the open hostility towards Hillary Rotten Clinton.  Most of the protesters were wearing those bright yellow “Enough Is Enough” shirts, so when you see yellow in the crowd shots those are protesters.

Here are other pictures of protest gather from all over the internet to try to get a solid idea of the amount of protesters.


Not exactly the party of unity that CNN hack Wolf Blitzer helped to celebrate helping put the most corrupt politician in US history at the top of a ticket purely because they only want Democrats elected, not what is best for the country.




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