Lying Media Turns Blind Eye To Democrat Convention Protests

A blind unthinking hoard descended on Philly this week.  Normally, you would think I was talking about the Democrat Zombies who blindly vote for whatever corrupt and inept criminal politician the Democrat Party puts in front of them.  This time, the hoard is jthe media.  After the first nights protests of Bernie Supporters that were too large to ignore, the media is now focused on the Democrat parties talking points to down play the shit show going on.  They are avoiding talking in detail about the collapse of the party because that is not the news they want.  Why report facts when you can focus on what you WANTED to happen instead and get your candidate elected?  It worked the last two times.  Only by digging story by story do you find anything.  Here is a collection of barely reported stories.


Leon Ponetta, a loyal Clinton lackey if ever there was one, attempted to sell the values of the well know war hawk Hillary.  He was interrupted as he detailed her great accomplishments such as the collapses of Libya and Syria into chaos and ISIS strong holds by chants of “No more war.”

As the poor bastard condemned to be Hillary’s VP partner, a position more depressing than being the First Mate of the the Titanic, tried to take the state  an election fraud banner citing the DNC Leak on WikiLeaks was unfurled.

Everybody has heard some about the Bernie Walk on Tuesday.  However the Democrat line, and thus the line of their lackeys in the media, has been to down play this as “just a few people.”

Last night a group was giving out beans and rice to attempt a fart in at the convention.  However, they did it to close to the fence so that they could be seen and were kept out.

Of course, the fence has not been a total success.  Protests outside have gotten strong enough that a group of seven managed to break through the perimeter protecting the DNC.  I guess they should have built a wall instead.

Last but not least is tonight.  For weeks Bernie supporters have planned to serve all bean dinners to interrupt Hillary’s main night with a fart in.  Granted, this is about as childish as you can get, but I REALLY hope they pull it off.




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