WikiLeaks DNC Emails Ask Question: Do Any Adults Work There?

I have been writing, and likely will keep writing at the rate it is going, about the HUGE amount of of racist, homophobic, misogynistic and in general offence emails that are in the DNC Leak on WikiLeaks.   One thing I have found amazing is that these people in elite political positions write emails like a bunch of drunk bro’s on a trip to Vegas.  I will be the first to admit that I often wield profanity with an artists touch.  What I am no so fucking stupid to do is do it in my work emails.  Below is a delightful sample of their mindless shit-for-brain stupidity that is the DNC.  In some of the counts, the same email does appear because it is an email chain.  I still count it, because what sort of fucktard keeps circulating stupid shit over and over.

I SayFuckSoMuch

Fuck – 23 Results

Shit – 77 Reults

Asshole – 6 Results

Homo – 4 Results

Slut (and Bimbo) – 2 Results

Dick – 2 (There is a shit ton of emails, but they are actually where there is a guy named “Dick”)

This last one is a chain of emails that is best summed up as a bunch of dip shits talking about trying to get laid, with a married mom of 3 btw, on their work email.



One thought on “WikiLeaks DNC Emails Ask Question: Do Any Adults Work There?

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