Remember When Demorats Criticized Republican Convention?

Remember way back a long time ago when the Democrats made fun of “turmoil” at the RNC?  Or how about their lackeys in the media complaining about speakers going after Hillary?  How about a few angry people yelling being a sign of the end of the GOP as we know it?  Of course by long time ago, I mean last week.  Now the terminally arrogant elitist douches of the DNC and Media are eating a shit sandwich.  The Democrats are trying to clamp down, and the media is doing their best to cover for them.  This convention stinks so bad however that it is like using Fabreeze to try to cover the stink of an open cesspool.


Just 7 days ago greasy haired attack poodle Debbie Wasserman Shultz was on the attack against Reince Priebus at the RNC for having no control of his convention.  Now the woman trying to bring greasy back has had to resign in shame and was driven off the stage by boos from DEMOCRATS, all from her HOME STATE.

That minor scuffle at the start of the RNC about voting and procedure?  That pales in comparison to the Democrats actually booing the invocation to start the day.  Or champion of the Libtard Left, Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren be heckled with cries of “we trusted you.”  Or basically damn near everybody getting booed or heckled at some point.

Remember last week when NBC’s Matt Lauer took a rare break from fellating  Barack Obama to criticize Trump and DEMAND that Republican speakers to tone it down?  No personal attacks?  No vitriol?  Will the shaved head twit say the same today after the first night of the DNC shows they are WELL on path to mention Trump more times than the RNC went after Clinton?

Pantie wetting Democrats were horrified when REpublicans chanted “Lock her up” at the RNC last week.  Now that chant belongs to Democrats who oppose her corrupt rise to seize the nomination.

Remember accusations last week that Republicans were taking away signs of convention goers?  Me neither.  Bernie supporters on the other hand are complaining that they are having signs taken away from them.  Free speech….. ummmm…. not so much.

So to sum up, the Democrats are descending into a hypocritical shit show with their chaotic and collapsing convention.  The media is doing their best to provide some cover, but if you look at enough tiny articles the total chaos and suppression is apparent.  It is like watching a third world country at a rigged show to support their dictator, which is basically what this convention is.





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