WikiLeaks Shows the Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Heart of DNC

I have always been a believer that the Democrats are as much the party of racism today as they were when Nathan Bedford Forrest spoke at a Democrat National Convention, George Wallace was a candidate for President and former Grand Wizard Robert Byrd was a Senator (way back in the olden days of 2010).  The Democrats still treat minorities as a voting block to be owned and used to stay in power, not as individuals with hopes and aspirations for a better life.  The DNC emails leaked by WikiLeaks show just some of that sort of casual racism alive and well in the party elites with sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance and lame broheim attitude thrown in for fun.  Here are some of my favorites below.  I will update as more comes out.  For a GREAT list of some of the juiciest Emails from the WikiLeaks dump so far check out The Gateway Pundit.



Black names are funny:  Some woman named LaQueenia was helping set up a LGBT event.  If making fun of her name is not enough, tossing in a reference calling the email sender “boo” should clinch the deal.  Personally, I find a pretentious ivy league cracker using the term “boo” offensive for a variety of reasons.

Latins are Taco Bowls:  In an email on showing how they think Trump is not trying to bring people together, they are seeking approval on a script for “more taco bowl engagement.”  I guess their arguement is that at least they don’t call Latino’s “beaners” anymore.

Latins are nothing more than a market:  Now, I studied marketing in college so I seemost of this language as pretty basic marketing information on how the hispanic market reacts to, and engages with, brands.  However, the language does show how minorities are nothing more than a voting block to be used by the Democrats.


Fake Craig List job posting:  This is a level of childish crap that is amazing.  The Democrats wanted to take out a fake job post on Craigslist.  The posting was going to be very sexist, and then point toward the Trump organization.  The fact that they think is such derogatory and sexist terms shows more about what is in their hearts and minds than anything, plus they expect their followers to be stupid enough to believe it.  This is also high school level bull shit.  Do they have other emails planning to call Trump offices and ask if their refrigerator is running?

Megyn Kelly is a bimbo:  While the left was in full shrill scream mode about Trump and his squabble with Megyn, the Democrats were fully on board with people calling Kelly a bimbo, and wholeheartedly agreed.  They went on to include that this is also another term for her being a slut.  Stay classy DNC.


No homo:  First of all, I though this stupid phrase died out at least 10 years ago.  This is the sort of comment that would have the Democrats taking to the streets if a Republican used it.  I am offended by both the homophobic undertone AND the ridiculous millennial “bro” context.


Get that Jew:  Apparently concerned that just being Jewish would not cause southern voters to go against Bernie, The DNC wanted to get a reporter to ask about his faith and try to corner him as atheist.  Religious “peeps” would not vote for an atheist to be sure.  Also, I find a grown adult using the term “peeps” in 2016 offensive.

I will keep updating as things come up, and flag newer additions.





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