More Integrity Than Ted Cruz

This morning I sat thinking about how to respond to Ted Cruz acting like the ass wipe we all knew he was.  It was at that moment that I passed something out of my colon that was full or more honesty, integrity, charisma, and corn that Lyin’ Ted.  I don’t even remember when I last ate corn, but there was my little Ted Cruz look alike.


Sure Ted broke his RNC pledge to endorse the winner of the Primaries.  What do you expect?  This is a man who (allegedly) runs around behind his wife’s back.  If this man who talks like an evangelical minister and constantly professes his faith in God will break that vow, what the fuck does he care about some silly party loyalty pledge.71m0evSzadL._UL1500

Last night on Fox News, Megyn Kelly asked Ben Carson how he had endorsed Trump despite the attacks.  Showing that he is a man with balls so large that it is amazing he can walk, Dr Carson explained that if this was purely personal, he probably would not forgive and move on.  This is about something more important.  It is about protecting and saving the United States.  In case Ted wants to know what a REAL man looks like, this is it.  Not his Daddy who ran out on his mom.

Marco Rubio took about as much shit from Donald Trump as anybody.  Granted he was not stupid enough to have his surrogates attack Melania like Cruz did.  Still Little Marco took a heap of abuse.  He still had the integrity to support Trump last night.  He did it the way Cruz should have/could have.  He did not get down and S Trump’s D, but he basically called Trump out by name how he is the best choice over Hillary.

Chris Christie lost top Trump in the Primary.  He has campaigned along Trump since then.  He hope to get the VP nod, but lost that to Mike Pence.  Still, he stood up there and gave a manly full throated endorsement of Donald Trump.

John Kasich is an asshole.  He is still pouting like an angry old bitch about his loss.  He is willing to insult the city in his “beloved” state where the convention is being held rather than put on his big boy pants and act like a man.  Yet, at least he is sitting back and shutting up rather than making a public spectacle of the fact that he is a pathetic, whining old man.

It is time was all do to Ted Cruz what I did to his look alike this morning: FLUSH.








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