SCOTUS Troll Doll Ginsberg Regrets Anti-Trump Rant

In an statement destined to get ZERO attention from the media, living Troll Doll Ruth Bader Ginsburg is walking back her shameful partisan comments on GOP Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump.


It all started with the Clinton appointed liberal shill throwing names and insults at Trump in a CNN interview.  Her disgustingly partisan and asinine comments were a disgrace to the position, but exactly what would be expected of a Clinton backer.  This Troll Doll, best known for going to an Obama State of the Union drunk and “falling asleep,”  hit all the basic idiot talking points found in moron Democrat Facebook and Twitter feeds.  A true show that her intellect is as tiny as the rest of her.  He comments were such a disgrace that even the New York Times and Washington Post could not avoid pointing out her bias and stupidity.

Now that the adulation of Libtards has quieted, and half way honest Democrats are calling her out this pathetic shell of a Justice is backing up her comments slightly.  The 83 year old said “On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and I regret making them.”  She then went on commenting about kids and their loud music, and wondering why they will not stay off her damn lawn.  In most places, people question whether somebody her age should be driving to the grocery store.  Maybe she should avoid drinking like a fraternity pledge to prevent passing out during speeches and making stupid comments in the media.

Of course, this is being quietly covered on the AP wire, but is unlikely to gain any traction in the media.  Better to show Trump being slammed, than a leather old hag having to eat crow.  She will just go back under her troll bridge and the media will pass on to the next anti-conservative story that create.



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